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“Supporting a child at distance is creating a bridge of solidarity between us and the little ones of the world”

Who we are?

From the XXVI General Chapter of the DSHJ, 2002 we read:

“To promote relationships of mutual collaboration with the laity in our mission and to develop paths of knowledge and participation in our Charism, according to their lay vocation, because they share with us the spiritual richness and the missionary power of the Charism in view of the transformation of the world according to the Heart of God “.

Alamis Onlus is a non profit-making voluntary association organization, governed by a statute. The Association aims to pursue the goals of social, civil and cultural solidarity that are identified in the primary purpose of perfect charity and to be a sign of Christ’s saving love, according to the charism and spirituality of Saint Teresa Verzeri.

Lay associates friends for the “Santa Teresa Verzeri” missions.

Sede: c/o Istituto Figlie del Sacro Cuore di Gesù
Via Casilina, 1113  00169 – ROMA
Tel. +39 06.260328

Tel. +39 062677939

Mobile 3339496920

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