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“Children are the future of the world, let   us  begin with the children”

The Activities

The Alamis Group, collaborates with FSCJs in missionary projects, in international adoptions at a distance. In its  planning, among other initiatives, it  also considers the possibility of sending laity  volunteers in missionary realities of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the world.

Article 3 of the Statute states:

The purpose of the Organization is to pursue the aim of civil, social and cultural solidarity: for the attainment of this aim it carries out its activity in the field of social assistance and charity, with particular reference to cooperation on social, cultural , health progress , economic, in  the areas of developing countries. These goals are identified with the ultimate aim of perfect charity and as a sign of Christ’s saving love.

To achieve the goals set, the associates propose:

  1. a) To cooperate with public and private bodies, national and international organizations having similar purposes;
  2. b) To collect material funds for the populations in need;
  3. c) Identify urgent needs, develop appropriate projects (literacy and schools), initiate and perfect the practices necessary to obtain legitimate funding from national and international institutions to help promote populations in need;

(d) To promote volunteering, staff training, and other services provided by persons willing to carry out on-the-spot work on a fixed-term or indefinite basis or as a civil service;

  1. e) To organize eventful visits of members in the areas of activity for better participation; .
  2. f) To collaborate with specialized schools, colleges and scientific and medical companies in order to raise awareness and prepare people available to carry out a cooperation service;
  3. g) To promote any other activity that may contribute to the achievement of the purpose of the organization; disseminate knowledge to expand participation.

It operates in a specific way, with non-occasional, active and direct volunteering services to the general population. Adherents lend their work in a personal, spontaneous and freeway and are not entitled to any compensation for the activity provided unless the reimbursement of the expenses actually incurred within the limits of what is determined by the Organization or by law.

The Associative Organization is apolitical.


The duration can be: short  – medium  – long

  • School of Cutting and stitching
  • Help in literacy courses (elementary level)
  • Aid for pre-school courses (cognitive, recreational, manual, playful, etc. …, for children of 3-7 years)
  • Help in the dispensary (small nursing and assistance to the sick)
  • Visit and help in home care for some nurses, elderly people, mentally ill, etc.
  • Experience with adults with disabilities
  • Experience with children with disabilities
  • Animation for street children
  • Music animation in small groups in church, in mission or on the street
  • Help in catechetical activities in parish or on the street
  • small collaboration in theatrical street activities
  • Playful entertainment in closed or open spaces
  • Distribution of food
  • Distribution of garments
  • Help in craftsmanship
  • Small restoration work in the mission (painting, electric or plumbing, masonry, small carpentry, and DIY in general)
  • Small restoration work in the homes of the poor
  • Small kitchen activities
  • Small work in the garden
  • Help in the chicken coop
  • Help in homes (kitchen, laundry, etc.)

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