“Alamis, a solidarity project”


The Alamis – Associate Lay Friends for the Missions, has undoubtedly been a precious invention in the history of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to be precise in the year of grace of the Lord 2001. We said in the year of grace, and certainly auspicious, because it was born almost as a gift from St Teresa Verzeri, who was canonized in that year to the honors of the altars for the universal Church and for the world, by the Supreme Pontiff, St. John Paul II.

At the request if we wanted to be part of this new organism, how could we not adhere knowing that this was born to give form and relevance to the dream that St. Teresa Verzeri had traced among her founding features the importance of the laity, in the mission of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

In this regard, the Saint wrote “… the laity, I am that long hand that come where the daughters cannot get”

In truth, we feel “the Alamis” as a legal instrument, clear in its finality, but even more as a subject capable of giving a face and voice to the many friends who have collaborated and collaborate for missionary expansion over time and in different spaces of the daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Our group, in fact, overcomes the constitutive act of the association in time, as it feels to have deep and distant roots that have marked our lives for the values ​​received through the educational work of the Daughters of Santa Teresa Verzeri. It is from them that we have learned the lordship of the gift of life, the beauty of being missionaries always and everywhere, in the family and in society, to “waste” a bit of our time to give ourselves to neighbors and far away without prejudice and exclusions.

We do not do amazing things, but things for everyone, small gestures like a smile, helping people in difficulty, devising aid through flea markets to support and encourage our missionary sisters spread throughout the world, who with poor means fight the battle of charity for many brothers and sisters less fortunate than us.

Last but certainly no less important than our doing and our being together, is that  “umus spiritual” we try to cultivate, to better share expectations, hopes, and why not even small disappointments. In short, we live the experience that working in company multiplies the courage, you acquire serenity and the effort becomes half.

Soon that first experience of Milan grew and turned into something larger.

Always according to the spirit expressed by the members of Milan, the Alamis expanded and became an ONLUS ASSOCIATION regulated by a Statute.

The Association was strongly desired by Sr. Flavia Coppe and was established on 21 May 2002.

An associate, as happened to many others, so tells about her call

“One evening I got a phone call -Sister Beatrice asks you to volunteer- I knew very well the way in which the nun could convince her to do what she wanted and I laughed.

However, I volunteered and participated in the first meeting at the general house in via Casilina in Rome where I met a new reality.

Looking back now, after several years, I am convinced that this was a call, a call for those like me who live in the comforts and incongruities of Western life models, in which material wellbeing at all costs makes you selfish and even Christian solidarity is limited to almsgiving after Sunday Mass.

Once I entered the group, I became aware of an unknown reality, of the true poverty of those who have nothing but their own life, of the heroism of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart that those lives protect.

We from here, from our comfortable world and all in all quiet, help them to help. Our activities are multiplying: Solidarity markets, concerts in historic churches in Rome, charity dinners, parties, meetings, mission weeks organized by neighboring parishes, in support of missions in faraway places, where courageous nuns strive to support the poorest of the earth, to educate families to educate, to discover the dignity of children of God … ”

The first Directorate followed others.

On March 21, 2015 the Chairman dott. Ettore Pompili, together with the Board of Directors, in consideration of the work done with self-sacrifice by Sister Flavia Coppe since the establishment of the Alamis Onlus, strongly desired by her, proposed to recognize her a more representative role and on the same day the assembly of the members he elected Honorary President.

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