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Regular Donations

Why to become an Alamis Supporter?

It is only thanks to the Alamis Supporters, who have chosen the regular annual or monthly donation, that for years we have the certainty of being able to help people all over the world.

It is thanks to them that we can develop projects all over the world.

Become you too, today itself : help us to save more human lives and accompany our operators in the field. Activating a regular donation (with bank / postal or credit card).

Your regular donation gives more strength to Alamis:

  •  we can present quickly in emergencies
  • we can reduce our administrative costs
  • we can plan our actions  always in  better way
  • we can strengthen more and more our economical independancy and action

Regular donation suits you:

  • you can restart your donation in time and in this way it will weigh less on the family budget.
  • you can avoid boring files in banks or at the post office
  • you can deduct  your donations from your tax declaration

As a regular donor, Alamis will send you:

  •  a message confirming your donation
  • updates on the activities of Alamis and on the use of funds
  • a summary of donations made during the year, to take advantage of tax breaks

Frequent questions

Ti ricordiamo che tutte le donazioni sono deducibili/detraibili.
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