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Navajyoth i Trust

Navajyothitrust which is situated in Kalyan, Mumbai , gives shelter to girls who are orphan and abandoned.                     Now lt’s 15 years that DSHJ sisters are taking care of girls and f ulf ill their needs, through the help of benefactors and congregational sisters.

At present there are 27 kids who are totally orphan.   lt is a greatest challenge to take care of these girls in this present society.  Though there are many challenges in nourishing them,          like their education,   professional courses,      jobs and especial ly their health, as they come from different family backgrounds.        In this 1 month time 4 of our children wher e  diagnosed w ith TB,         because   of whic h their health was deteriorating.     But by the grace of God there were many people to help children in their needs.    A ll are recovering with the help of medicines,good food and fresh environment.

In these 14 years we have experienced God’s int erference through many people who who were like angels for our lnstitute and especially for our mission. we are grateful to the almighty god and all our benefactors for their prayers and the support, with which our children are having a pleasant life and Hopefull future.